How To Fix Disney Plus Protected Content License Error?

Disney Plus Protected Content License Error

Do you have a licensing issue with Disney Plus Protected Content. If you’re a major Disney Plus fan, you should be aware that the licensing of restricted content raises some technical issues. A similar issue to the limited content license error with Disney Plus has been encountered online by certain users. Most customers who have bought a VIP subscription or a premium plan have complained about this problem. They assert that whenever they try to open any Disney Plus content, they get the license error for Content is in full Protection.

Some users, however, don’t agree with this. He said that only a portion of the material is affected by the problem. Furthermore, not all users or all content have experienced this issue. For specific material, only a small number of users have experienced this difficulty. especially those who access the app through Roku. Therefore, if you have also seen this issue, you are not alone. You shouldn’t be bothered by it. You may quickly fix this problem on your own if you just follow the directions on this page.

Fast Review of Disney Plus

One well-known OTT service is Disney+. It contains a variety of content, including Drama, Action, Romantic, Thriller, and Fiction. You may already be aware that The Walt Disney Company’s entertainment and media distribution division owns it. Disney Plus streams original content as well as movies and TV shows produced by Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television. All Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star brands may be at this one-of-a-kind location.

Hulu and ESPN are also giving begin a run for their money in the US. The top three streaming services in the US television industry are all three. Disney Plus debuted on November 12, 2019, in a number of important international regions, including the US, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, and Puerto Rico. It eventually became accessible in other parts of the world, including in March 2020 in the countries of Europe. In India, it will debut in April 2020. Then, it adopted the name Disney + Hotstar.

Fix the Issue of Disney Plus Protected Content Licensing

Disney Plus protected content

What specifically must you do to fix this mistake? Apply the fixes listed there, and the task will be finished in a matter of minutes without any further action needed.

Error with Disney Plus Locked Material

Roku and content with a protected license are typically impacted by the login/begin Restricted Material issue.

Do Check Your Network Connection

Check to see that the communication network is adequate first. If it is poor, it may also make it difficult to load the desired material. Make sure you have a strong network connection first and foremost. If this is the only important issue, it will be dealt with there.

Reset Network Connection

If you are unable to perform the network connection test, you can also reset the internet connection. It will restart the Roku device and fix the Disney+ Protected Media License error if this is the root of the issue.

Replace Your HDMI Cable 

You could also experiment with switching the HDMI cable. For obvious reasons, HDCP is compatible with all HDTVs, as well as HDMI and DVI cables. The use of an outdated HDMI cable, which may be capable of HDCP, could be the root of this problem.

Cold Restart the Device, Television, and Router

A brief communication breakdown between your device and Disney servers may result in the protection of the content license issue because some app modules cannot verify the DRM licensing of the video that plays. In this situation, a cold reboot of the router or device may be able to fix the licensing issue with restricted material.

  • From the Settings menu of the streaming device, choose System (such as Roku).
  • From the Power menu, choose System Restart.
  • Launch Disney+ after restarting to make sure everything is operating as it should.
  • If not, switch off the TV first, then the Roku player (such as Roku).
  • Disconnect both the TV and the Roku from the power source.
  • The power cable of the router should disconnect from its power supply.

Other Proven Solutions to the Disney+ Protected content licensing mistake

  • First, you might try separating and reconnecting the HDMI cable’s two ends.
  • You might also test out your TV’s independent HDMI port.
  • If that doesn’t work, try flipping the HDMI cable’s ends.
  • Additionally, you can eliminate them if you’re using audio or reception equipment by connecting your Roku player directly to your TV.
  • Make sure to turn off IPv6 after that. You may check this by going to the network settings.
  • Pick IPv4 from the list after that.
  • You can try a factory reset if none of the earlier methods work. You should be aware that you can factory reset your smartphone on all smart devices. Use this feature of your smart TV accordingly. Please adhere to the guidelines listed below if you can’t find this tool:
  • Start by visiting the device’s settings.
  • Navigate to the Advanced Settings Tab after that.
  • Under this category, you could factory reset your smartphone.

Disney Plus Technical Assistance 

The last but not least alternative is to ask for Disney Plus Support’s help if none of the other solutions above are successful. Call 888-905-7888 for additional support.


Later, in the Gregorian month of 2020, many European countries will be aware of this service. The service started aboard US vessels in November of that year (Latin). You won’t believe there are more than 100 million clients for the company alone. In addition, it received universally positive reviews from critics. It is now being criticized, nevertheless, for a few technical shortcomings. The “DisneyPlus and Restricted Content License Error” is the crux of the matter.

All of the most effective and likely remedies to this prompt error issue are present in this article. Try these techniques, then let us know which one was most successful for you. Please share your thoughts on any more resolutions in the comment section.

How To Fix Disney Plus Protected Content License Error?

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